Why’s There a Bitter Taste in Your Mouth?

June 22, 2023

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    A closeup of a mouth suffering from a bad taste

    Often enough, a bad taste in your mouth can seem trivial. Other oral issues – toothaches, bleeding gums, etc. – may sound more vital. Still, this sense of bitterness is alarming if it’s constant. When that happens, you may need speedy dental treatment. Your teeth and gums would suffer long-term damage otherwise. So, here’s what a bad taste in your mouth may mean and why a dentist ought to treat it.

    What is a “Bad” Mouth Taste?

    A persistent, bad taste in your mouth is known as dysgeusia. Its defining traits are typically the following:

    • Bitter Flavor: When someone has dysgeusia, they often describe the taste as salty, metallic, or stinky.
    • Long Duration: Dysgeusia sticks around regardless of what you eat.
    • Resistance to Home Oral Care: Even if you brush your teeth, dysgeusia won’t fade until its underlying cause is treated.

    What Could It Indicate?

    When a lousy taste becomes chronic, it may point to an oral health problem. The most common of these are:

    Bad Oral Care

    A bitter taste can develop if you don’t practice good oral hygiene. That’s only natural – a foul plaque will build up when you skip brushing and flossing.

    Once poor dental care causes a bad taste, you’re at a heightened risk of cavities and gum disease. These latter issues could then lower your quality of life.

    Dry Mouth

    A dry mouth occurs when your oral cavity doesn’t produce enough saliva. Medications, smoking and using tobacco products, and even aging can be triggers for it.

    Since saliva removes harmful germs, a dry mouth can cause a growth in foul-tasting microbes. The condition also raises your risk of tooth decay and mouth sores.

    Why See a Dentist for It?

    Should you suffer a persistent and bad mouth taste, quickly see a dentist for care. They’ll find the sensation’s source and perform effective treatment.

    For poor oral care, a dentist has various options. They might offer a crown or filling if you’ve developed a cavity. Similarly, you could get periodontal therapy that cleans out your gums. A dentist can even give you a tongue scraper, a special tool used to help clean your tongue, to prevent a relapse.

    Dentists also have subtle ways to fix dry mouth. For instance, they can prescribe a special mouthwash to stimulate saliva flow. They’ll then suggest home practices to moisten your mouth.

    Ultimately, a persistent bad taste in your mouth deserves close attention. Having a dentist look it over could greatly boost your oral health!

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